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It is estimated by the CDC that over 25 million American’s currently live with COPD and another 25 million with Asthma. However, only 50% or less have been officially diagnosed. The Right2Breathe® Project was created to reach the 50% not currently diagnosed – and to provide accurate resources to those currently living, or caring for individuals living with these diseases. 

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Put Your Lungs on the Dyno!

The human body is a performance-built machine – just like a combustion engine. Professional mechanics utilize a complex piece of equipment known as a DYNO to measure the horsepower and torque that the engine produces. In many ways, a respiratory specialist uses similar equipment to measure the performance of your lungs – specifically, the peak flow or lung capacity testing through Spirometry. Since our Right2Breathe Project primarily targets those in the automotive space, relating their lungs performance to that of an engine – simply makes sense.

Here is a little case study that proves the effectiveness of this slogan. At our first Right2Breathe® COPD Screening event in Bakersfield, California, we were having difficulty drawing people to our screening area on the first day. After discussing the Put Your Lungs on the Dyno concept at dinner Friday night, we went to the local Walmart, picked up some construction paper and made a few signs that read – “Test Your Lungs on the Dyno”. The next day – we increased screenings by 500%. When we expanded this into our event branding, including post event PR, total screenings doubled.

Connecting with your audience on a personal level is a major key to the success of the Right2Breathe Project. In fact, for 2018, we are starting a new Lung Health initiative called “Home Runs for Healthy Lungs™” to be held during Baseball Events, which debuts September 7th, 2018 in our home state of New Jersey.

Together we can make an impact

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Everybody Has A Right2Breathe™

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